Fresh and soft cheeses


Q. My first batch of Chevre was sweet and creamy. I made another batch, and it was much tangier and lumpy. Could it be because it sat longer during the draining process?

A. A longer drain time will result in more acid development, which in turn will lead to a drier, less creamy final cheese. 

Q. I know the directions state 1 gallon to 1 packet. Is this literal, or is there a range that can be used? Like up to 2 or 4 gallons. I ask because i have seen other cultures sold where their directions will state a specific amount is good for 2-4 gallons but the actual culture amount does not change.

A. There is always a specific amount of culture to use. It usually depends on the specific cheese and milk being used..

The info on those other packs you mention is a very general guide and not targeted to a specific cheese. Our packet is designed for that specific amount of goat milk

Using more or less milk will result in under or over ripening. 

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