Cheese Forms (Molds)

Tips for Molds With Open Bottom

 I am wanting a Camembert mold, but one that has a top and a bottom which would make it easier to invert, if this is possible.  I have seen your Camembert mold but it does not have a top or bottom and the Brie mold only has a follower. The camembert molds we sell are open-ended because this is a cheese that needs serious room for whey to drain. It is the same mold used by the Camembert industry in France.

We recommend using a firm board laid down on the draining area, followed by a fine draining mat and then the form to be filled. Top the curd filled mold with another draining mat followed by the hard board again. 

When ready to turn, grab the entire assemblage, give it a quick shake to loosen up the base followed by a quick flip to the new surface. Then place back on the draining surface until you need to turn it again. You may want to look at our  Camembert Recipe for more details.

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