30 Minute Mozzarella

30 Minute Mozzarella Recipe

30 Minute Mozzarella (No Microwave)

Manipulating Milk Measurements and Yield

Q. Can I double this recipe and if so do I use 2 cups water with double amount of citric acid?

A. You should be able to double the ingredients for double batch.I would stay with single batch though if you have not made it before.That way you can fine tune in stages.Double the water as well as amount of citric acid.

Q. Hello! I am a teacher and would like for my students to make this recipe in much smaller batches for a lab. How do I reduce the recipe to 1/4 a pound? I want to make sure I use the correct amount of liquid rennet and citric acid. Thank you!!!!

A. We would not recommend going this small, as it will be hard to measure the appropriate amount of ingredients, and will not give you much curd to work with for the stretching phase. You can cut the recipe in half though. You would want to halve the ingredients, so only 3/4 tsp of the citric acid. For the rennet, if you are using a single strength rennet, you will need 1/8 tsp for a half gallon.

If you are using double strength vegetarian rennet, you will only need 1/16 tsp per half gallon.

Goats Milk 30 Minutes Mozzarella Tips

Q. Hi there. I used two gallons of raw goat milk 1 gallon was from today the other was from yesterday and doubled the recipe. After adding the rennet and letting it set (over 30 mins in total) the curds did not separate from the whey. It stayed a liquid consistency. I had my heat at 90 and followed directions exactly. Not sure what I did wrong. Any help is appreciated!

A. This guide was written specific to a standardized and pasteurized milk from the store The problem with this is that your goat milk(which I assume is raw) has higher solids than a standardized milk and likely needs more acid. Here I have made it with raw Jersey milk and use about 30% more acid and even a bit more later in the season. You also may need to increase the rennet about 30-40% to get a good set.

Q. We have raw goat milk. Do we need to pasteurize it first to make this recipe? And if so, what is the recommended method? I make our chevre with the raw milk, but didn't know if I could do the same with this.

A. If you are comfortable with using the raw milk, there is no need to pasteurize to make the 30 Minute Mozzarella. We do recommend that your milk be fairly fresh (1-3 days old) and you will likely need to increase the citric acid to 2 tsp.

If you do choose to pasteurize, the method is heating to 145F, hold for 30 minutes, then cool in an ice bath down to 40F, and refrigerate. If you are making cheese right after pasteurization, you can just cool to the beginning temp in the mozzarella recipe.

We do want to caution that goat milk can be more problematic with making the 30 Minute Mozzarella, as it does not always like to stretch. This has to do with the structure of goat milk. If the stretching fails, you can still drain and consume the cheese as a fresh cheese, it just won’t quite be mozzarella.

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