Creme Fraiche

Chreme Fraiche Recipe

Q. Can I re-culture to make the next batch or do I have to start with fresh starter for each batch?

A. Unfortunately no, the culture needs to be very viable and not exhausted from the previous fermentation. You should start with fresh culture pack.

Q. Can I make creme fraiche in a 1/2 batch using just 1/2 qt of creme?

A. The package can be split in half, but you do run the risk of not having even amounts of active culture in each half. That said, many customers do this with great success! To split the culture, shake the packet up well, then pour it onto a clean surface, such as a piece of tinfoil or parchment paper. Use a toothpick to stir the culture well, then eyeball it in half. The other half can be wrapped up and placed back in the freezer, but should be used within 30 days for best results.

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