Fromage Blanc

Fromage Blanc Recipe

Q. Hello I just bought some of this- can I use skim milk? I want a fat free fromage blanc - thanks!

A. You can do this, but your yield will be lower, and the cheese will likely be drier and not have the smooth texture associated with Fromage Blanc. Fat keeps the higher moisture and flavor, plus gives that creamy mouthfeel.

Q. Can I use a regular mesophilic culture, MA11 or C101, for this recipe? I use the C101 with a tiny bit of rennet for chèvre. And would using the different culture change the taste of the cheese very much?Thank you!

A. The C101 and MA11 are very similar cultures and will not change the flavor of the cheese.

Q. When I look at the C20G Chèvre culture and this C20 culture they appear to have the same ingredients (perhaps in slightly differing quantities). I'm wondering if I use the C20G with cow's milk, will it produce good fromage blanc or not? And if it won't be the same result as with the C20, what will the difference be in taste, texture, etc?

A. Our C20 and C20G are quite similar, with slightly different ratios of culture. Our C31/33 are also quite similar, but have a bit less rennet for those that’s would like a less stiff curd set. Any of these should make a good Fromage Blanc style cheese for you.

Q. Can I use raw cows milk and if so do I need to make any adjustments? Thanks.

A. Yes you can use raw milk as long as you are 110% sure of it’s health

safeness. And it is best to have it be as fresh as possible, within 1-2 days of the milking. You will generally only need a half packet of the C20 Fromage Blanc for a one gallon batch. Be sure to give it a good shake before dividing it up. The other half can be placed back in the freezer, but should be used within 30 days for best results.

Q. The recipe indicates "salt to taste" but does not state at which point to add it. I assume it would interfere with the process if added at the beginning with the milk. Is it stirred in later at the beginning of the draining process?

A. It is best to make any salt or other additions after the cheese is done draining.

Q. Hello, I made this cheese but it is still semi liquid after 12 h. I mean isn't coagulant with rent. What is my mistake? Can I wait more than 14 h?

A. If you have used a packet of fromage blanc culture, it may need more time to set, up to 18 hours. If there is no firm curd, the milk may have been heated to high during pasteurization. We would suggest trying again with a different milk.

If the culture is still not working, please contact us via email ([email protected]) so we can help with troubleshooting and send out a replacement if needed.

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