Cheese Press (Spring Press)

Cheese Press

This cheese press is proudly made in the USA and built to last a lifetime. Both easy to use and care for it is a wonderful investment for any cheese maker.

Built with a hard wood (maple) base and top bars, rubber feet to protect your kitchen counter and stainless steel components, this press is both beautiful and durable.

How does this Cheese Press work?

When pressing, weight is increased by simply pressing down on the top bar. The weight is automatically regulated with stainless steel springs and can be measured, on the easy to read pressure gauge, from 0 to 80 lbs.

What types of cheese can be made with this Cheese Press?

With this press you can easily press a variety of delicious hard cheeses including, but not at all limited to, Cheddar, Gouda, Parmesan and Monterey Jack.

What are the dimensions of this press?

This press is 6 1/2" Wide x 12" Long x 18" High

Does this press come with a drip tray?

Yes!. When purchasing this press from NECSC, you will receive a Stainless Steel Drip Tray along with a set of Polypropylene Followers!

Do I have to assemble this press myself?

No! Your press will come assembled, and ready to use after cleaning!

What is the maximum pressure this press can reach?

This press is designed, so that the springs and weight meter work together. This press can supply 80 lbs. of even pressure.

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