Cheese Wrapping Troubleshooting

Foil Wrapping Blue Cheese

Q. Some blue cheese recipes ask you to foil wrap after a bit of aging. Does your foil wrap serve that purpose?

A. Yes, it works quite effectively as long as the surface moisture is not excessive. In fact, that is the primary use for this foil wrap.

Wait until the blue is well established inside the cheese before using it. The function of the foil is to exclude more air than our other wraps and to slow the blue development for a more uniform cheese.

Wrapping Camembert for Aging

Q. Should I wrap my Camembert in cheese paper when doing the final ripening?

A. You can, but if you have the right amount of moisture, there is no need to. If you are aging your Camembert in plastic boxes with lids, just make sure condensation doesn't drip onto your cheese. Any free moisture should be wiped down, and drained from the bottom of the aging box, daily. 

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