Tartaric Acid

Tartaric Acid

We use tartaric acid as an acidifier, to coagulate cream, when making Mascarpone. It does not require refrigeration.

In general kitchen use, tartaric acid is used to impart a sour taste in foods, lower pH, help prevent spoilage from ‘bad’ bacteria and act as a preservative after fermentation.

Tartaric Acid is used to make Mascarpone, an Italian soft cheese with a rich velvety texture and sweet delicate flavor. Mascarpone can be enjoyed with fruit and cakes as well as in many other desserts.

Since cream of tartar is derived from tartaric acid, can I use it as a substitute for tartaric acid?  If yes, what amount of cream of tartar equals tartaric acid? Using cream of tarter is not going to be as effective as using tartaric acid because it is a neutralized version. 

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