Refrigerator Thermostat

Refrigerator Thermostat:

Easily installed on the outside of your cheese refrigerator, this handy thermostat will give you an accurate reading of the aging temperature without having to open the door. This is a sturdy, compact thermostat with a visible scale and an adjustable set point knob, with a temperature range of 30-80ºF. 

Can this be used with a mini fridge? Yes, this unit can be used with any refrigerator. It will override the temperature for the entire appliance, refrigerator and freezer.

Can this be used to convert a deep freezer to a cheese cave? Yes! Our thermostat can convert deep freezer boxes.

What voltage is this for and is it available for any plug types other than US ones? It is only suitable for 110-120 volts with a US plug.

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