Hard Cheese Mold

Hard Cheese Mold:

Hard cheese molds are used to support and form the draining curd during the pressing process of cheese making. Molds come in all sorts of shapes and sizes depending on the needs of the cheese and/or cheesemaker.

Can I wash my hard cheese molds in the dishwasher? While we recommend hand washing your molds to avoid any heat damage, most hard cheese molds can be washed using the top shelf of an average home dishwasher.

Are holes cut in your molds for draining? Yes! The molds come ready to use, after proper sanitation of course!

Do you have to purchase the mold’s follower, separately? Molds come in all shapes and sizes. When purchasing your mold from New England Cheesemaking, if the mold requires a follower for use, it will be included!

Can multiple hard cheese molds be stacked for pressing multiple cheeses at the same time? Not always, but certain shaped do allow for stacking. Larger tomme molds are a good example of stackable hard cheese molds.

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