Dutch Style Cheese Press

Dutch Style Cheese Press:

Our cheese press is proudly made in the USA and built to last a lifetime. Made from solid hard wood, Maple, this press is well balanced and easy to use.

How does this cheese press work?

Pressure is applied by hanging weights at one of two notches on the lever arm. Each notch is a multiple so you can calculate how much pressure is being applied. For example, a 5 lb. weight hung on the furthest notch (4) will equal 20 lbs. of pressure. With an ability to apply up to 100 lbs. of pressure, this press can be used with cheese weighing up to 10 lbs.

What are the dimentions of your dutch style press?

This press is 19 1/2" in length x 9" width x 26 3/4" high

Does your Dutch style press come with weights?

This press does not come with weights. Weights can be purchased either from the store, or items with the proper weight that can safely be applied, can be used.

What can I use as weights for my Dutch style cheese press?

One of the easiest things to use is a gallon jug, filled with water. It can be easily hung with string from the lever arm of the press. You could also use hand weights tied to the lever arm.

Does your Dutch style press come with a drip tray?

Yes! Every purchase of our press will include a drip tray for draining the whey off of your wheel.

What is the maximum size mold this can press?

This press can accommodate molds up to 8.5" in diameter and 10" high. You will need to adjust the nut to one of the lower holes on the plunger to get the 10" height.

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