Casein Labels

Casein Labels:

Casein labels are used to mark batch numbers and dates onto cheese. They are made of natural casein, once applied, they become part of the rind. No adhesive is needed, whey on the surface of the cheese will adhere the labels. Simply place the label on the rind during the first flip in the cheese press, that the label will then adhere to the surface of the cheese while in the mold.

What are these labels made of? A blend of rennet casein, glycerin (from vegetable origin), ethyl alcohol (from vegetable origin), dye (green E141).

What can I use to write on these labels? You must use a food grade marker or non toxic utensil for marking this cheese label.

What happens to the label when you’re ready to eat the cheese? You can either keep it as part of your rind, or cut it off before serving. The composition of this label is similar to that of an aged cheese rind, and can be treated as such before serving.

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