Munster Recipe

B. Linens Use

Q. I have just made some munster (muenster) cheese from your recipe. It calls for adding the B. Linens with the initial culture. I have seen other recipes where it's sprayed on after forming, during aging. Whats the difference?

A. For the B. Linens, we recommend adding them with the culture because it is easier to maintain for the home cheese maker.  

Q. You carry 3 different b linens and the descriptions are very close. Should I be experimenting with the three for different tastes and textures or are they for completely different purposes.
A. We currently stay with the SR3 which is more salt tolerant and doesn’t develop as high an aroma as the LR or SR1, but they are all safe to use. You can certainly experiment to see what you prefer! 

Q. Hi..I have recently discovered I love Muenster cheese, bought from the deli... am I correct that the b. Linens go into the milk and NOT into the wash? And what is the purpose in the geo candidum? Does it help the linens along or provide a different flavor? I'm not a fan of blues, if that helps. I like the young creamy sweet cheeses for the most part..

A. Muenster in the deli case is the American version of this cheese. Itis usually milder than the one from Europe and the surface is normally a good safe colorant instead of the stronger washed rind. The B.linen can produce a stronger flavor in the washed rind. We add the B.linens to the milk and if needed to the wash solution. The Geotrichum is added to help sweeten the surface to help the growth of the surface flora.

Q. How do you wrap the cheese for final aging? Wax paper or aluminium foil? Completely sealed or let air in?

A. Thank you for your inquiry. The proper wrap is one with a breathable layer. Our two part washed rind wraps do this best. Both wax paper and foil will make a mess of the surface and may promote the wrong bacteria. Click here to be linked to our washed rind wraps!

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