Monks Cheese

Q. I want to do this cheese, but I cannot understand, why do you use Geotrichium in your brine instead of bacteria Linens? Wouldn't the Geotrichum prevent the pink or orange rind of the B. Iinens?

A. The B.linens was already added to the milk early on with the other cultures. The light brine only has a small amount of geotrichum, to prep the surface growth along with ambient yeast in your work space.Once this initial growth begins, the B.linens will begin to develop.

Q. What is the flavor profile of this cheese?

A. Washing the rind for a cheese like this attracts a particular mold/bacteria combo. These can be anywhere from mild to quite pungent. This one is quite mild and moist. It has a somewhat rich and broth-like flavor.

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