Goat Tomme

Goat Tomme Recipe

Q. I have been aging a Goat Tomme for a little over a month, and I have not been able to remove all the mold. I have been trying to brush it off, but the cheese is quite blue in appearance because when I brush the cheese, the mold is being rubbed into the cheese. So what I'm wondering is, will this cheese still be edible provided I cut off the rind before consumption or should I scrap it and start over. Thank you.

A.If you don’t tend the cheese daily, the mold becomes harder to remove.

We do have a new mold culture called Mycodore that you can add to your milk and grow a lovely powdery white mold that keeps the blue at bay. It is quite edible and does not need to be removed. Just add a bit of this, along with a pinch of Geotrichum, to your milk when you add the base culture.

The blue though is not bad and can be controlled with a light brine wipe every day or so until the drier rind inhibits the mold a bit. If your getting an aggressive blue growth then lower your humidity a bit. If the cheese body was too moist going into the form, there is not much you can do but keep wiping it off. Even if you remove the molds they leave a stain. Not pretty but still okay.

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