Q. What's the best ripening mat for Camembert, the fine-mesh or the medium-mesh?

A. We suggest using the finer mat for early draining and drying. Then, when your Camembert is moved to an aging area, use a medium-mesh mat or bamboo mat.

Q. Should I wrap my Camembert in cheese paper when doing the final ripening?

A. You can, but if you have the right amount of moisture, there is no need to. If you are aging your Camembert in plastic boxes with lids, just make sure condensation doesn't drip onto your cheese.

Q. My Camembert is covered in perfect white mold after 5 days of aging. The first appearance was on the second day. I have a cooler holding at 54F and 95%+ humidity. Should this all happen so fast? 

A. This is a little fast and may be due to residual moisture in your cheese. Full mold coverage usually takes 10 days to 2 weeks. Rapid growth usually makes for a sharply defined area between the paste transformations. It's better to have a more gradual transition from surface to center.

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